VocoPro UHF-5808

Item Number: 41MWVPUHF5808

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Professional Rechargeable Quad UHF Wireless Microphone System. The UHF-5808 is the latest in our modular 4 channel rechargeable microphone systems. The included 4-way USB power adapter is capable of charging all 4 microphones at once or you can change the rechargeable batteries out with a set of fresh alkaline batteries.


  • 4 Rechargeable Wireless Handheld Mics Included*
  • 4 Independent XLR Balanced Outputs
  • 1 Mixed 1/4" Unbalanced Output
  • Individual Volume Controls For Precise Balancing
  • Field-Replaceable Receiver Modules
  • 4-Way USB Charging Adapter Charges All Microphones Simultaneously
  • Rechargeable AA Batteries Included
  • Rugged 1RU Metal Receiver Chassis
  • Dimensions: 19"(W) x 8.2"(D) x 1.8"(H)
Rear Panel Connectors:
  • Power in
  • 4 XLR Channel Outputs
  • 1/4" Mix out
  The 4 receiver modules are field replaceable but require no tools to remove, just grip the edges and pull them out! Each module has its audio sent through a dedicated XLR output jack for discrete control or free up input jacks on the mixer with the single 1/4" mixed output jack. However the set up, the UHF-5808 will integrate quickly and easily into almost any system.


  • 4 Wireless Mics
  • Main unit Power adapter
  • Mic charger
  • 1/4" Patch Cable
  • User's Manual