VocoPro Karaoke Dual

Item Number: 10PLVPKAR-DUAL

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100W Tablet/Smart TV Bluetooth Karaoke System with Dual Wireless Microphones


  • Powerful 100W Amplifier With Dedicated Subwoofer For High Quality Karaoke Audio
  • Two Digital Wireless Microphones, Operating in the License-free 2.4Ghz Band
  • Bluetooth Enabled To Stream Audio Wirelessly From Smartphones or Tablets**
  • Connect A Smart TV With The Digital Optical Input to Access Karaoke Tracks Available On YouTube* or Your Favorite Karaoke App* (PCM Signals Only, Dolby™ encoded audio is incompatible)
  • Independent Audio Controls Built Into Each Microphone
  • MPX Vocal Cancel To Remove The Main Vocal Track On Multiplexed Karaoke Tracks
  • Vocal Eliminator Feature to Reduce The Original Vocals On non-Karaoke Tracks
  • 1/8th Stereo Input Available For Any Other Music Sources
Internet Connection Required*


  • Power Adapter
  • 1/8th to RCA Cable
  • 1/8th to 1/8th Cable